gtrezos Crochet Umbrellas made of rope

Crochet Umbrella with Vizantino (lace)

gtrezos Crochet Umbrella

The gtrezos beach Crochet Umbrellas are handmade umbrellas made of ropes and wooden frame made of solid Greek beech wood. The rope are high resistant with added UV for extra protection from sun rays. All the wooden parts are made of solid Greek beech wood which are chemically soaked-treated in a two part protective solution. The center pole is 5cm diameter which give extra strength and stability. The gtrezos Crochet Umbrella made of rope is available in various sizes, colors and can be custom made to your needs.
Perimeter decor: Vizantino (lace)
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Sale services by gtrezos

2 year Warranty of Quality & Durability.

gtrezos provides 2 years written warranty for each crochet umbrella.We warranty the quality and durability of gtrezos handmade crochet umbrella made with ropes

Support for all questions and needs.

We offer support on your gtrezos crochet umbrella whatever the case may be: it is dirty, it got torned, wooden elements broke or any other problem that may arise. Just contact us and we will give you a solution.

Complete control of creation.

 We can produce your gtrezos umbrellas to feat your needs! All you need to do is select: color, perimeter decor, shape, dimensions, any other specification you may need and we will manufacture the gtrezos crochet umbrellas of your choice!